Friday, October 6, 2017

Its time for scones

Our kitchen made salty caramel scones which were a bit to salty. They were sweet and salty, but they were very salty grant didn't read the directions and added two table spoons of coarse sea salt to the dough. I think if we didn't make that mistake they would of been a lot tastier than they were. They were still tasty because of the melted caramel which added great sweetness. When making scones you should read the directions carefully so that they come out perfect.

Tasty muffns

Blue kitchen made maple syrup muffins, which were tasty. The maple syrup muffins reminded me a lot of pancakes, so they would be good for breakfast. The first muffins we made were double chocolate chip muffins but we messed up and we forgot to add baking powder and coco powder so they didnt rise as much. But we learned what we had mistakes in and made the mapple syrup muffins. I recommend the mapple syrup muffins if you want a tasty breakfast.

Monday, September 25, 2017

egg white time!!!!!!!!

When we made our Mug cakes we accidently used the yolk but, it was still very good. We added shirley temple to the top of the cake which gave it a lot flavor. They were very simple to make and didnt take a lot of time. The cake was light and fluffy, if youre looking for a light desert i would recommend the mug cake.

Omelet lab

The omelets we made came out very tasty and had a good form. We put the right amount of ingredients and the way we cooked the eggs was good. Also the bacon that grants lovely mother cooked for us added lots of flavor which complimented the egg very well. If your looking for a classic, simple breakfast you should try this recipe.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

pancake review

I think that the pancakes Ian and I made were good. The first pancake was not very good but we learned from our mistakes so the next pancakes were better. I thought that adding chocolate chips was a very good idea because it gave it the sweetness it needed

chocolate mousse

I thought that the chocolate mousse was pretty good. I recommend this recipe to everyone who wants delicious, rich and creamy desert after a great meal. I also had a fun experience making the chocolate mousse with my pals. I hope you have a great time making it too!

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Back in time

I could see her dirty blond hair, hazel eyes, wrinkles around her eyes and on her hands, pale skin, small nose, and normal sized ears. Her hands looked rough like she’s worked her hardest her whole life, that's because she has. My grandma and I were sitting at the kitchen table, when I asked my grandma, “Hey grandma can I interview you for my English class?” I saw her face start to grin in joy as she replied with, “Of course,” “How about Wednesday?” she said with the biggest smile on her face.
Wednesday afternoon my grandma and I were sitting on the couch, “Alright grandma let's get started” I said. My first question was what is your full name and what were the nicknames you had as a kid? “My full name is Gloria Anduaga Sanchez but they called me Glorita.” “I don't know why,” she told me, “I guess it sounded better, I was never really sure. They also called me by my last name, Anduaga.“ She stayed quiet for a moment. “Matter a fact now that I remember we all called each other by our last name.” “When my mom called me by my full name, that's when I knew I had to hide” she said with laugh.
What was your first job? Did you like it? Why or why not?
“My first job was at a Mexican restaurant, I forgot the name of the place.” Even though they paid her minimum wage that was enough money for a 15 year old. She described it as a small place with great food that was busy all the time where she had to work alone. “I learned a lot from it though, like how to multi task and how to work hard and not be lazy” she told me.

My following question is what was the most shocking experience you've had throughout you life? “After my mother passed away” she said, “All of my and family were gathered together and were praying. We were praying A Rosario, which is prayer we do after someone has passed away. We were all praying in the living room when all of a sudden my niece yells out “My grandma! She whispered in my ear!” “Everyone was in shock wondering what just happened as was I” she continued. She then told me that later that day she was walking down the street when she heard someone calling her name. “Gloria,” said the voice “I heard the voice but it didn't sound normal it was soft as if it was a whisper.” said my grandma. She also wanted me to realize that my mother's name is Gloria before she went on with her story. “Your mom came in wondering why I had called her.” “It wasn't me I thought you called me” she told my mom. They were both puzzled, and left speechless.. After my mom left my grandma heard the voice again only this time she recognized the voice, “Mama” my grandma said waiting for an answer. “I wasn't scared just shocked” my grandma clarified. I saw my grandma's eyes start to water, I saw a tear rolling down her face. “From that day and for the rest of my life I knew that my mom would forever be with me, right in here.” she pointed at my heart. She gave me a big hug and told me that she loved me. “Let's continue this tomorrow grandma” I said.